Bringing Transparency and
Accountability to Prescription Benefits

NavRx is committed to serving as prescription benefit sentinels. Our dedication to transparency allows us to address many of the disparities associated with pharmacy benefits, while fostering trust, and empowering the communities we serve. We are creating a healthy, sustainable future for plan sponsors while improving the member experience. Our program advances the health of employees, provides protection from inflated prescription costs, safeguards the budgets of employer group plans, and ensures the best benefits are available to all.

Making Prescription Drugs Affordable

Despite repeated efforts to increase equity in the US healthcare system, many Americans are still victimized by exorbitant prescription costs. Skyrocketing drug prices are a threat to everyone. Employer groups and employees are feeling the pinch to budgets; while patients with higher pharmacy costs are 3x more likely to abandon fills at the pharmacy – decreasing healthy outcomes and increasing chronic disease states. NavRx was created to address the unsustainable cost of prescription drugs so prescriptions can be affordable for all.

Delivering Solutions that Lower Cost and Increase Peace of Mind

Our powerful prescription data platform delivers actionable insights and analytics to reduce costs, improve plan design, and increase responsible utilization. Our comprehensive Prescription Benefit Ecosystem will:

  • Find the most competitive pricing by comparing transparent contracts based on actual claims data
  • Create customized packages for unique populations
  • Monitor plan performance and hold PBMs accountable
  • Audit on-going contract compliance
  • Integrate the most innovative solutions to impact utilization and close care gaps
  • Leverage health intelligence and data analytics to drive decisions and deliver validated savings

This sentinel prescription program provides security and contains costs while caring for plan members. Prescription care coordinators guide members through confusing prescription decisions and work with providers to ensure every member gets the right medicine, from the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost.

Turnkey solutions with validated results

Rx Analytics

Critical Rx plan insights and opportunity for contract negotiations and cost savings.

Rx Care Coordination

Expert Rx guidance and savings for members and employers.

Rx Tourism

A vacation and Rx savings all in one.

Precision PGx

Get scripts right the first time and save money through genetic testing.

PBM Contract Analysis

Instant access to pre-negotiated, competitive pass-through PBM contracts.

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